Waterfall in the pool

Waterfalls are a symbol of magnificence, full nature and beauty. So now we will see some models of waterfalls to the pool. By the way, I also recommend seeing what are the real waterfalls on our planet, as the Iguazu Falls or Niagara Falls.

Ladder model:

This model is one of the most attractive, yet simple. Its shape makes the ladder water to flow downward and tidy, with a show for those who admire her.

Can be used as a decorative ornament in both pools and waterfalls, water fountains. The installation of lights around the stones to light up, make this ornament striking at night, especially in an elegant reception in our garden.

Model sheet:

If we want a model not only to look at, but to relax when we are in contact with the pool, the model will be the one sheet. This waterfall is a delight when we are below it, cooling the summer heat or just a relaxing moment.

The composition of small tiles make a single piece and pretty functional as well as the wall is not only to include the waterfall, but serves as a support for the tray of cold drinks or run for a swim.

Spa Model:

Such falls are very common in the spa, on the model and the fact that your waterfall will help the person to ease their physical ailments or simply to relax.

This model is one of the most modern and attractive, and if we acclimate our pool as if it were really a place to treat our body, we may incorporate one on each side of the pool.

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