Victorian Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Old Fashioned is the Now Fashion!! Now when I say old fashioned I don’t mean those 80’s style dresses with more frills and puffy bits than you thought could possibly be stitched onto one wedding dress, no what I am talking about is the elegance of the 1920’s through to the 1960’s and just forget that those 80’s dresses ever happened!!

The dresses I am talking about are timeless. Your Grandmother or even great grandmother may well have been married in the 1920’s, and when you look at her wedding pictures you don’t giggle and say “Oh, well it was the fashion then!!” and I know when my Mother married in the late 1950’s she wore a dress that she designed herself and made in Gold silk. Even now I look at the pictures and think “wow” what a simple but beautiful and elegant dress. Did you know that Queen Victoria was the first fashionista to be married in white. She married Albert in a new white specially designed dress. Before then it was custom for ladies to marry in their “best” clothes rather than having a special one off wedding dress for the day.

Wedding etiquette of the time stated “The most approved bridal costume for young brides is of white silk, high corsage and a wide veil of white tulle, reaching to the feet, and a wreath of maiden-blush roses with orange blossoms. The roses she can continue to wear, but the orange blossoms are suitable only for the ceremony”. The Victorians often gave Almonds as favours but they also gave items such as spiced teas and rose soap. To get an idea of how a full length veil will look try this link, although I don’t recommend buying from abroad, just use the site for ideas. Original Vintage wedding dresses and Victorian wedding dresses can be purchased and if you find the right one, it can look amazing, but you need to be careful and it is not that easy to find an original. OK originals are easy to find but they do not come in all sizes for you to be able to choose the right size for you, and often altering a vintage gown can change the look of the original design. You may also find that the cost of repairing and /or cleaning a vintage gown can be more expensive than the gown itself. So do have a shop around, maybe even visit a vintage clothes fair, but if you can’t find one that makes you feel all tingly and that is in the right size for you, then give it up, try another route. The 1920’s and 30’s were a time of prohibition in America and abandon in the ladies. They wore bold makeup, dared to show their knees and began enjoying fashion and Indian wedding music. These gowns tended to be drop waisted, in silk and lace and usually the front of the dress was shorter than the back. If you go for 20’s then go the whole hog with seamed stockings and beaded hemlines, go on be daring!! Try wedding past and present to give you some ideas.

The new vintage

If you like the idea of an age old style such as Elizabethan or Victorian then you would do well to talk to Navin the designer at ITFITS. His designs include some of the most fabulous corsets you will ever see, and although having your own corset made may seem extravagant, I personally have been known to wear mine with jeans and it looks stunning (so I have been told!!) Navin at ITFITS will ensure you get the dress you really want. He is an amazing designer with loads of ideas, but he also listens allot too, so that he can ensure the design he produces is the same or better than the one in your head.

So what about the accessories?

This 1930’s style bracelet is simple and elegant. It is available from Mad About Jewellery. The bracelet is £19.99 other items are available. Chandelier Drop Mikey Necklace Crystal 1920’s chic – Chandelier style necklace from £40.00 Vintage 1920’s chic This fabulous chandelier style necklace is by Mikey and retails from about £40.00 with matching items available. They have stores through out the UK and are a really good place to buy good value, good quality reproduction jewellery from. They have some amazing styles and designs in some fabulous colours. I would be very surprised if you can’t find what you want from them. Find Stores Vintage 1930’s cream leather gloves from £24.10

Gloves & Bags

A good place to start looking for retro items such as bags and gloves is Steptoe Antiques . You could also try ebay and charity shops for your accessories too. As always remember that inclusion in this document does not constitute a recommendation to buy. Please check out companies especially with online purchases before you decide to buy.