Chemical Resistant Deck Coatings

Precise industrial painting for exceptional results
Effective floor and deck coatings are essential to industrial businesses. Whether you’re running a factory, manufacturing plant, warehouse, or other type of facility, your floors and decks must be durable, resistant to spills and heavy traffic, and easy to clean and maintain.
The professionals at Raider Painting have been tackling commercial and industrial projects for more than 29 years. Our extensive knowledge and hands-on experience ensures that we can provide the best coatings for your facility—in terms of both effectiveness and minimal impact on day-to-day operations.
Do you need chemical resistant deck coatings?
Any industry that utilizes chemical processes, whether for operations or in heavy-duty cleaning of mechanical residue, can benefit from chemical resistant coatings. These specialized deck coatings offer outstanding resilience in high traffic areas, while also protecting your deck or flooring from damage caused by chemical spills.
Because chemical resistant coatings are designed to be nearly impermeable, another benefit is the ease of cleaning and maintenance. This type of coating can also withstand heavy foot and equipment traffic, while retaining an aesthetically pleasing appearance for years.
Our team will consult with you on the needs of your facility and will help you determine whether chemical resistant deck coatings will benefit your business. If the work is unnecessary, or if there are better solutions for you, we’ll let you know honestly—even if we end up talking ourselves out of a job.
See our work in action
A busy mortuary in Southern California came to us when they needed the concrete deck replaced in their second-floor staging and embalming area. There were many special considerations involved in the project, from the sensitive nature of the industry to the location of the work being done.
Our team took several extra precautions to ensure that the mortuary’s business flow would not be interrupted, and to address the safety and health concerns in the unusual setting. During demolition prep, we used a Blastrac machine, which vacuums dust as it’s generated to prevent it from entering the business environment. As a secondary precaution, we also enclosed the work area in plastic sheeting.
Because the floor was directly over a client area, it had to be completely watertight. It also needed a high degree of chemical resistance due to the extensive use of formaldehyde. We researched and consulted with several experts to ensure that the coating would perform as needed.
The project was completed in two months, on deadline and within the mortuary’s budget. Business operations were not interrupted, and the client was extremely pleased with the results.

Broadcast & Anti-skid Deck Coatings

Professional deck coatings that combine form and function.
Whatever your industry, the decks of your facility are subjected to heavy traffic and daily abuse. You need a durable deck coating that protects both your structure and the people who walk on it. Of course, you also want your deck to be aesthetically pleasing.
The expert team at Raider Painting has years of experience with industrial deck coating, along with a wide variety of commercial and industrial projects. We deliver superior results that look impressive while providing years of protection for your investment.
How can broadcast and anti-skid deck coatings benefit you?
Both broadcast and anti-skid coatings work to preserve the structural integrity of your deck by preventing water and chemicals from seeping into the concrete or other substrate. This is an essential characteristic for deck coatings in an industrial environment.
Anti-skid deck coatings enhance the safety of your deck area by preventing slippage. In addition, these coatings allow for ease of cleaning and maintenance, contributing to the safety of your facility.
While broadcast coatings promote safety and easy cleaning, they’re also highly attractive deck coverings with a vast array of design possibilities. Types of broadcast coatings include sand and stone texture, mosaic and quartz chip styles, and many more.
See our work in action.
We applied broadcast coatings to the decks of large-scale manufacturing plants, where safety and continued facility access were of primary concern. We observed all plant regulations and employed a rotating schedule to ensure that the plant’s operations were not interrupted during the painting process.
At the Union Pacific Railroad in Colton, CA, we applied anti-skid coatings in mechanical rooms where the risk of slipping was highest. We performed extensive surface preparation to remove existing contaminants and ensure proper adhesion of the new coating.
Exceptional coverage for all your industrial painting needs.
At Raider Painting, we understand the challenges faced by your industrial facility during painting and renovation projects. Our experience ensures that your project will be completed on time and within budget—we schedule the bulk of the work during your shutdown times to avoid business interruption. Contact us to find out how we can meet your needs, or click to request an estimate.

Stadiums & Arenas

Your go-to painting contractors for massive commercial facilities

Stadium and arena painting is a huge undertaking that requires just as much care and attention to detail as the smallest chain store. With a project this big, you can’t settle for anything less than a professional commercial painting team with extensive experience, product knowledge, and a can-do customer service attitude.
The experts at Raider Painting fit your bill. After working exclusively on commercial and industrial projects for more than 29 years, we know what it takes to complete large-scale jobs to exacting specifications, while staying within your schedule and budget.
What we do for you.
When it comes to stadium and arena painting, effective project management is critical. You need your facility finished in a timely manner, in specified segments. You also need to ensure that the results not only look spectacular, but will endure years of heavy traffic and abuse.
Proper surface prep and strong product knowledge are the keys to durable coatings. At Raider Painting, we don’t take shortcuts that would sacrifice the quality of our work on your huge investment. We ensure that every step is done exactly right, so your facility will retain its high aesthetic appeal for many seasons to come.
Some of the services we provide for stadiums and arenas include:
Interior and exterior painting
Graphics and sign painting
Parking garage coatings and striping
Waterproofing and weatherproofing
Steel structural coatings
Fire protective and intumescent coatings
Deck and floor coatings
See our work in action.
When the Long Beach Ice Dogs Arena needed a whole new look, Raider Painting was proud to be chosen to handle the entire renovation. Several hard-to-reach areas posed critical challenges in this huge space, with a maximum seating capacity of over 13,000. Ultimately, we completed the project successfully and exceeded the expectations of a very satisfied client.
Rely on the commercial painting pros for every project, big or small.
At Raider Painting, customer satisfaction is our primary concern. We’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule and budget, choosing the optimal commercial or industrial painting solution for your facility

10 Quick Painting & Decorating Tips

Sometimes it is just a simple tip or technique that can make all the difference to the quality of the job.

Most professional Auckland house painters and decorators will know of these painting & decorating tips so this is for the novice.

Use a thin bead of decorator’s acrylic sealant before you hang wallpaper at internal corners, tops of skirting and at wall and ceiling junction and get a crisper straight cut.

Also use the decorators sealant at internal wall corners, tops of skirting and at ceiling and wall junction before painting where there is unevenness for a straight crisp line when cutting in painting.

When painting walls or woodwork, after you have stripped, rubbed down and primed (where needed) apply a coat of paint before filling, this will give your fillers a nice clean and better surface to stick too and will show up all the holes dents and cracks better as well.

All ways use a paint kettle, it is less weight than a gallon of paint to carry about, you can mix in the thinners easier and without thinning all the paint you have, its easier to load your brush correctly by tapping out on the side of the kettle, and if you have an accident it’s a lot less of a spillage.

All ways double fold your dust sheets especially the ones you walk on for added protection.

All ways be clean when filling as excess filler is excess rubbing down and fill slightly proud to allow for shrinkage.

When using a roller in emulsion, roll a area of about 30ft square, then roll back over it one last time with the roller exhausted of paint, this will even out the texture and take out any tram lines.

Don’t store oil brushes in spirit overnight unless you are prepared to spin out all the spirit, then wash out in warm water and detergent thoroughly prior to resuming painting art. If you are not going to give them a thorough clean then keep the bristles in water overnight and work the water out on a board the next day.

Keep emulsion rollers in a tightly sealed polythene bag overnight if you are going to use the same colour in the morning or clean them out.

When hanging paper, check all batch numbers are the same as to avoid an expensive mistake.