7 Most Interesting Facts about LED Light Bulbs

The invention of the Light Emitting Diode bulb or LED bulb has been a significant breakthrough in human history. This is regarded as the greatest innovation that has benefitted people in several ways. Today, they have a wide presence in commercial centres as well as residential properties.

Following are the seven most interesting facts about them:

Reduction in Energy Bills

To combat the rising energy costs, many lighting products have come into the lighting stores Australia. One of them is the LED light. It has received a rousing acceptance from people. After all, it offers them a ton of monetary savings on their energy bill!

How These Bulbs Work?

They come in a bunch of individual bulbs each having a different wavelength and capable of producing white light. The light from the bulb is emitted from the solid object that is better known as Solid State Lighting or SSL. The noteworthy feature is –the light does not come from the gas or vacuum.

Do They Involve Intricate Installation?

The answer is a big NO and this is its USP! They warrant fewer installation steps and are very compatible in nature. As such, they do not create any major hassle when used in any electrical unit. This is one reason why these are preferred for decorating homes during festivals and functions. Found in numerous designs, shapes and sizes, the garlands, Christmas trees and rope lights are extremely popular among users.

Their Relevance in the Automobile Industry

Their compact size makes them truly useful for car owners. These bulbs can be attached to the car light’s slot. Vehicle owners do need these bulbs for parking and brake lighting. During such car handling, unexpected damages do take place. Irrespective of which part of the light is damaged, the remainder of the fluidity in the bulb ensures proper completion of the desired task.

They can also be hooked to varieties of cars including cycles. Cyclists are under a legal binding to use appropriate lights while travelling at nighttime. These bulbs do solve this requirement.

Salient Features

They are treated as truly versatile lights gadgets. They offer a cost efficient and an extended lighting answer. As they are versatile, they can be used both for indoors as well as outdoor purposes. Though they consume lesser amount of energy, they have a far better rate of illumination. Be it kitchen spaces or a big living room, they are highly effective in removing the darkness with ease. They can be customized to suit intrinsically safe lighting need of an event or function. For instance, you can produce a rainbow like effect using these bulbs. This in turn is likely to have a visually stimulating effect on your target audiences. This is one reason why they find presence in dance floors.


Talking about their advantages, there are many. To start with, they offer higher efficiency. When compared to ordinary incandescent bulbs, they are far more effective and efficient. Savings in energy is an added advantage. They need lesser amount of power for getting heated up. As the heat produced by them is of a negligent amount, they are ideal for growth of indoor plants. Even if they are lit, one can always touch it, as they remain cool.

The high point of these bulbs is – they are incredibly tensile and durable. Compared to other conventional light bulbs, they offer far more durability and long-lasting feature. The LED bulbs produce a longer battery life as they consume minimal amount of power.

Assured safety has given these bulbs the popularity they deserve. They are equally safe for the manufacturers and users. They pose no environmental or health threat.

Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs and tubes, they do not take longer time to light up when switched on. They are available in a number of colour variants and one can choose according to his/her requirement. Yellow, green, blue, red and white are popular colour choices.

They are extremely resistant to different weather conditions and temperatures. They are very versatile as they are resistant to heat, shock and cold. This is one reason why they find relevance in a number of applications.

It has found acceptance from environmentalist worldwide. Well known for being eco-friendly, they hardly give rise to toxic fumes while burning. Likewise, they are not prone to shattering or breaking. As they do not break or shatter more frequently, you hardly need any replacement either. They are strong, study and compact in size.

They are truly versatile as their use is not restricted to mere industrial or commercial use. For instance, they are widely used for calculators and remotes due to their compact size. Due to its economical nature, they are used in traffic lights as well.

Crucial Details about Its Wattage and Life Hours

While most traditional incandescent bulbs require 60 watts, the LED counterparts just need around 12 watts. This gives them the energy savings advantage. Coming to the life hours, the incandescent bulbs have 750 to 1000 life hours. On the contrary, the led light bulbs australia have 100,000 life hours. Thus, they require fewer replacements and fit the bill of LED light bulbs for home.