Baby Bibs

Baby bibs are really easy to make, especially with a baby bib pattern. Baby bib patterns can be found in the pattern section any fabric store. They can also be found online and they can be made from a baby bib itself.

A baby bib needs to protect the baby’s clothes from spills but it also needs to be absorbent. Bibs can help when feeding babies, but the real use for baby bibs is to wipe up the constant drool of teething infants. Using a bib to keep the baby dry and clean will help to make the baby more comfortable.

Plain baby bibs are obviously the easiest to make. They can be made out of towels with cording to keep the edges from fraying and to use as ties. The waterproof backing can be made out of shower curtains australia material. The shower curtain type of plastic will last longer in the washing machine than lesser grades.

There is no need to have a plain baby bib when there are so many simple things to dress them up and make them fun and cute. Let us start with a plain baby bib made from a towel and shower curtain. Before sewing the two layers together with the binding, sew lace straight down the front with a piece of ribbon between them. Then sew the two layers together with the binding. To finish, add a little bow to the neck area. Voila, you now have a tuxedo baby bib.

It is not suggested to sew anything onto the bib that the baby might be able to pull off and swallow. To add eyes to a plain baby bib pattern they should be sewn on with an appliqué stitch rather than use the wiggly eyes that are glued on.

Cute baby bibs are a necessity for babies and will be needed for about two years or more. It is easy and economical to make a baby bib. There are many baby bib patterns to choose from so give it a lot of thought before making your final decision.