Adapting Your Home for People With Mobility Issues

Even within the home, mobility can be an issue. Whether someone is disabled or simply has trouble walking and manoeuvring, the ability to simply move around is more difficult for some than others can imagine.
By ensuring that these options are available, you can help anyone with mobility around your home. More than just a practical option, this gives that person more freedom and independence around your own home, which is just as important.


One of the most important, and easiest, ways to help people with mobility issues is to make sure there is always space. A typical corridor or hallway, for example, often has enough space for someone to navigate. However, the typical hallway these days is often accompanied with furnishings such as cupboards and other large units.

It may not look like much but the space these items take up provides a big challenge. If you’re disabled or using walking aids, the various pieces of furniture eat into an already limited floor space forcing you to attempt to manoeuvre around in very little room.


Unless you live in an apartment or bungalow, the chances are that you have stairs in your home. When you have mobility issues, the stairs are usually a big problem. Whether you have weak knees or another disability, the stairs are an area of the home that many have difficulties using. For some it’s impossible, for others the sheer pressure and weight applied to the lower portion of the body, such as the knees, is highly uncomfortable and very painful.

To this end, a practical solution would be to invest in a Stannah stair lift rental. Rather than paying for the stairlift outright, a rental service allows you to make smaller payments for as long as you need the stairlift. This means that, as long as someone in your home has such mobility issues, you can quickly and cheaply address them with a stairlift in the home.

If that person is no longer living with you, or you otherwise don’t need the lift, then you can stop paying and have the lift removed.

In short, it can be very cheap and easy to open up the house for those with mobility difficulties. Whether it’s making extra space in corridors or making the stairs more accessible, any home can be easily opened up.

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