Slanting a Ceramic Floor for a Drain

For a floor drain to serve its purpose, the floor’s surface must slant toward the drain. To slope a ceramic tile floor, you must prepare the floor before installing the tiles. Create a mud bed as the tiling surface above your subfloor to provide the necessary slope.

The mud bed is simply a mix of sand and cement that you can shape as needed. Once the mud bed is completed, you can install the ceramic tiles and the drain with the proper slope in place to direct the flow of water across your finished floor.

1. Clean the surface of your floor with a pH-neutral cleanser, using a mop to scrub away any dirt or debris. Rinse the floor with clean water after mopping it, and then allow it to dry for two to three hours.

2. Add a slight texture to the floor surface with a floor sander over wooden floors or a concrete grinder if subfloors are concrete. Run the machine over the floor once to create a slightly roughened surface for better adherence of the mud bed materials. Use a broom to sweep debris from the floor.

3. Use a hacksaw to cut a 3-inch length of PVC pipe of the same diameter as the drain. Place the pipe over the drain to protect it and mark its location.

4. Place a layer of roofing felt over the floor. Roll the felt out in rows, with the edge of each new row overlapping the previous row by four inches. Cut the felt paper to fit, using a utility knife. Use staples spaced every six inches across the felt to secure the felt to a wooden subfloor.

Secure the felt to a concrete subfloor using asphalt mastic under the felt. Spread the mastic with a steel trowel. Cut the felt around the PVC drain marker, and work around the marker placement.

5. Place metal lath over the felt. Use a two-inch overlap between lath pieces, and cut the lath as needed, using tin snips. Staple the lath to wooden subfloors with six-inch spacing between the staples.

Make Your Home Look Beautiful – Know The Essential Tips To Follow

Home is the most valuable asset that you purchase in a lifetime. As such, it is essential that you treasure your home in the most suitable way possible by decorating it beautifully. You can decorate your home either on your own or you may take the help of an expert who will garnish your home and make it a beautiful place to live in.

It is very important that you maintain your home properly that you’ve bought with lot of effort. Read on to know 4 tips on home improvement that will make your home the most pleasing.

1. Make the windows of your home decorative – You can put some designs on the windows of your home in order to make it look decorative. The different hanging curtains or blinds can also be used to decorate the windows. It will allow you to give your space a warm look and also safeguard you from the hot rays of the sun.

2. Use wallpapers to paint the walls – You may use wallpapers or paint the walls to decorate the walls of your home beautifully. This will give your valuable home a new outlook. Thus, it is seen that these two home improvement tips allow you to decorate your home in the most effective manner possible.

3. Furnish the floors with a new look – In order to furnish the floors of your home, you may either choose laminated flooring or vinyl flooring. It will make your beautiful home appear eye-catching and, at the same time, you’ll be able to save good amount of money. By this way, you can decorate the floors of your home in a much cheap way than using carpets and tiles.

4. Put attractive carpets on the floors – The carpets bring an appealing look on the floors of the room in the house. Your budget may not afford you to put tiles on the floor. In such a situation, you can make use of the attractive carpets that will come within your cost. The carpets are inexpensive and it is very easy to clean them up.

It is not at all a complicated process to decorate your home beautifully. With proper artistic skills, you will be able to make your home the most comfortable place to live in. However, you do not have to spend much money in order to beautify your precious home. It is important that you follow the home improvement tips carefully so that you can make your home beautiful and the most wonderful place to stay.

Looking for the Best House Signs?

If you are eager to add an accent to your front entry and don’t know where to find the best house signs and name plates, you can visit and search for what you need. The website sell varieties of house signs, pet tags memorial stones, house numbers and plaques that will give your property unique character. Everyone that passes your house will look a glance on the charming signs that stand out from the crowd.

Other than that, letter boxes are also available on the website. Letter boxes keep your mails away from thieves, pets, and the weather. also gives promotion for special occasion and offer special price for particular amount of purchase. The signs and banners are neatly made by the specialists. Each house sign is produced in high quality material with every sign hand craft in the special studio by the craft man. You don’t need to worry about the professionalism.

There are also Christmas banner in various size, safety signs, car signs, office signs, and business signs that range from brass to slate. This is one stop shopping for your sign needs. From the catalogue, you will see options are clearly explained as they include design, size, material and the price. Visit to enhance your home and your business. Make a difference that starts from your doorstep.

How Corner Group Sofas Facilitate Entertaining

There is no doubt that corner group sofas can enhance the look of any living space. However, these sofas offer much more than just modern style. They are also used by those who love to entertain friends and family. This type of seating is perfect for entertaining, as it allows communication to flow smoothly. This is something that may not be as easy to accomplish when the pieces are separate.

In addition to entertaining, these sets are excellent for families with children. Most families today have only a limited amount of time to spend together each evening. A feeling of greater closeness can be accomplished by having everyone seated together during the evening activities. Whether helping with homework, reading a book, or watching a movie, the entire family can do these things together in one space.

What corner group sofas offer is a way to be closer to those in your life. The design aspects are just a bonus. There are both modern and classic styles available, and finding the group that fits well in your space should be an easy task. These groups are also quite affordable today, and are offered in many different price ranges. With affordability, design, and functionality all considered, it becomes quite clear as to why so many people are now selecting corner groups as their sofa selection.

Roof Ladder – An Exceedingly Useful Climbing Tool

The attic is primarily used for storage of old and unused stuff, and is located at the top of the house, slightly under the roof. Because of this, accessing the bradenton area requires something more suitable and space-saving, getting a trapdoor or a sliding back door. A ladder of this type is commonly installed along with the door to work with you access this particular area without starting too much space.

The next step is to place the roof access ladders on the roof; make perfectly sure that you include the ladder associated with correct place so the weight is distributed evenly of course you can sits comfortably on your shoulder. Then carry the ladder down the roof and hook it over the ridge tiles, to makes it safely attached pull slightly on the ladder. Never get on them without testing it.

Step Platform Ladder: A lot of the step ladders come by using a platform towards the top. This platform is quite handy loosen up tools along with other materials. This has a platform at the top its referred to as ‘Platform Step Ladder’.

Make temporary fixes: To learn storm, usually less likely that achievable go into the nearby big box store to get the essential repair materials. You have to make use what you could have at where you can find facilitate temporary fixes. Considering this, you will restock spare shingles duplicate one book storm hits if one has a shingle house. That way, you can using the fall protection repair when storm.

Aside from number combinations, electronic safes also feature other roof access walkways options. The other options can also be used in addition to number combinations and also with each other. Chief among the most famous of possibilities are fingerprint recognition, voice activation and retina scanning.

Do it is a physical endurance to handle a project this strength? Climbing up and down a ladder hours can cause your legs to severely cramp if your muscles aren’t physically ready for it. Your risk of falling in the ladder greatly increases need to legs become suddenly weak and shaky due to muscle roll.

A fixed ladder involving two ladders permanently connected at physical exercise to form a triangular shape. A folding ladder consists associated with series of ladders connected by hinges which encourage them to be folded for storage devices.

Feng Shui Tips for Home & Garden

The term “Feng shui” refers to a mode of decorating that is meant to soothe and energize the mind and spirit by means of careful placement of fixtures and accessories to emphasize the free flow of positive energy and achieve a sense of balance.

Translated, Feng shui means “wind-water.” Those two sustaining compounds of life, along with earth, wood and fire, are considered to be essential components of a welcoming and therapeutic environment.

Combining the essential components of Feng shui (pronounced “fung SHWAY”) design in the home and garden can prove appealing to the eye and to the spirit.

The Enlivened Bedroom

Keep the rest area free of clutter and separate from work spaces. For individuals and couples alike, bedrooms can feel more relaxing and invigorating and fulfilling if there is adequate room to move and let positive energy flow.

Pare the bedroom’s furnishings down to the barest necessities, and purge closets of long-forgotten items.

Allow as much natural light to flood the room as possible, and strive to ensure that all other light fixtures work to provide useful illumination for tasks, as well as enhance the room’s mood.

Add natural plants to infuse color and breathe life into the room.

Spice up the atmosphere with elements of vivid colors in the broad “red” range.
Make the bath, shower and sink areas as inviting as possible, since water fosters a “cleansed” sensation.

Wood flooring is among the most “balancing” of Feng shui design techniques, but if the floors can’t be altered, stress the visual appeal of other wood objects in the room.

Candles soothe the senses and signal that a space is warm and alive.

The Cozy Kitchen

No room has the potential to infuse a home with positive energy and accumulate the life force known as “Chi” that the kitchen does. It’s the central point of nourishment and the place where people most likely gather.

Elegant Furniture for Bathrooms

Trends in interior design ever more surprised both experts and amateurs looking to change and give way to their homes. There are news, and things seem to us unusual that now serve as decorative elements in most modern homes.

Of course these trends in decoration was also applied to one of the most important sectors of the house, the bathroom. The Spanish brand has created Pompadour modern bathroom furniture radically change what we feel to be in the bathroom, making a place for relaxation.

Elegant furniture for bathroom

These designs and furniture are available in several colors and how the bathroom will be transformed into something else that neither seems bath. Straight lines and rectangles are the basis of this collection. We have seen that in many collections, but depends on the combination of furniture and colors to use, you can achieve a minimalist bathroom like this.

Elegant bathroom

As you will see a bathroom that is more of a living room.

The furniture is an open system called “push to open” allowing without handles on drawers and handles. The sink and tub are made of natural minerals and mixed with polyester resin. They are also covered by a layer of “gelcoat” that much stronger and more elegant finish to the touch.

Furniture and designs for large spaces, but with imagination you can adapt to small bathrooms.

Victorian Wedding Gowns

Wedding Gowns

Old Fashioned is the Now Fashion!! Now when I say old fashioned I don’t mean those 80’s style dresses with more frills and puffy bits than you thought could possibly be stitched onto one wedding dress, no what I am talking about is the elegance of the 1920’s through to the 1960’s and just forget that those 80’s dresses ever happened!!

The dresses I am talking about are timeless. Your Grandmother or even great grandmother may well have been married in the 1920’s, and when you look at her wedding pictures you don’t giggle and say “Oh, well it was the fashion then!!” and I know when my Mother married in the late 1950’s she wore a dress that she designed herself and made in Gold silk. Even now I look at the pictures and think “wow” what a simple but beautiful and elegant dress. Did you know that Queen Victoria was the first fashionista to be married in white. She married Albert in a new white specially designed dress. Before then it was custom for ladies to marry in their “best” clothes rather than having a special one off wedding dress for the day.

Wedding etiquette of the time stated “The most approved bridal costume for young brides is of white silk, high corsage and a wide veil of white tulle, reaching to the feet, and a wreath of maiden-blush roses with orange blossoms. The roses she can continue to wear, but the orange blossoms are suitable only for the ceremony”. The Victorians often gave Almonds as favours but they also gave items such as spiced teas and rose soap. To get an idea of how a full length veil will look try this link, although I don’t recommend buying from abroad, just use the site for ideas. Original Vintage wedding dresses and Victorian wedding dresses can be purchased and if you find the right one, it can look amazing, but you need to be careful and it is not that easy to find an original. OK originals are easy to find but they do not come in all sizes for you to be able to choose the right size for you, and often altering a vintage gown can change the look of the original design. You may also find that the cost of repairing and /or cleaning a vintage gown can be more expensive than the gown itself. So do have a shop around, maybe even visit a vintage clothes fair, but if you can’t find one that makes you feel all tingly and that is in the right size for you, then give it up, try another route. The 1920’s and 30’s were a time of prohibition in America and abandon in the ladies. They wore bold makeup, dared to show their knees and began enjoying fashion and Indian wedding music. These gowns tended to be drop waisted, in silk and lace and usually the front of the dress was shorter than the back. If you go for 20’s then go the whole hog with seamed stockings and beaded hemlines, go on be daring!! Try wedding past and present to give you some ideas.

The new vintage

If you like the idea of an age old style such as Elizabethan or Victorian then you would do well to talk to Navin the designer at ITFITS. His designs include some of the most fabulous corsets you will ever see, and although having your own corset made may seem extravagant, I personally have been known to wear mine with jeans and it looks stunning (so I have been told!!) Navin at ITFITS will ensure you get the dress you really want. He is an amazing designer with loads of ideas, but he also listens allot too, so that he can ensure the design he produces is the same or better than the one in your head.

So what about the accessories?

This 1930’s style bracelet is simple and elegant. It is available from Mad About Jewellery. The bracelet is £19.99 other items are available. Chandelier Drop Mikey Necklace Crystal 1920’s chic – Chandelier style necklace from £40.00 Vintage 1920’s chic This fabulous chandelier style necklace is by Mikey and retails from about £40.00 with matching items available. They have stores through out the UK and are a really good place to buy good value, good quality reproduction jewellery from. They have some amazing styles and designs in some fabulous colours. I would be very surprised if you can’t find what you want from them. Find Stores Vintage 1930’s cream leather gloves from £24.10

Gloves & Bags

A good place to start looking for retro items such as bags and gloves is Steptoe Antiques . You could also try ebay and charity shops for your accessories too. As always remember that inclusion in this document does not constitute a recommendation to buy. Please check out companies especially with online purchases before you decide to buy.

Useful Alcohol And Drugs Rehab Treatment Information

You might follow dream therapy produced from my teaching. Now that I completed Jung’s research, everything is very clear. Dream translation isn’t a mystery.

Start correcting the world with your example. Be the wise and responsible person who understands the necessity of wisdom as a way to solve person’s problems.

He set it up tons of tips regarding how to lead, how to motivate my direct reports, and the way to expand my influence throughout the larger provider. These tips let me know that i could accomplish much more if I worked men and women and got them joining my plan.

There are wide ranging coaching London services available definitely not necessary help for you to know just where you stand and exactly how much effort just one or two to devote to be on the financing performance create a record of. You can join the program come up with informed choice about your financial solutions.

As the years have unfolded I’ve thought often about very first executive coach as well as how he changed my . He led me to adopt this simple reality: The skills that got me here would not take me where I wanted to go. In other words – In order to succeed, I to be able to intentionally change while building upon my strengths. Incredibly!

Poor credit profile has many repercussions for borrowers. However, a poor credit rating can be reversed with several timely repayment demands. The best way to be within good books of lenders is to regularly pay bills on period and not accumulate more debt. If your credit scores are not so perfect and already possess a bad rating from the finance bureaux this will take effort, bit of to turn them around into good credit score scores.

Consumption of St. John’s Wort can treat depression by modifying the amount of neurotransmitters in the brain and activating the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. All of these neurotransmitters improve mood and also therefore vital in counselling for depression. St. John’s wort been recently known in order to feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, and sadness (all common symptoms of depression), while improving sleep, and preventing exhaustion (a common trigger for bouts of depression).

It seems logical that shyness could cured by continuous encounter the fear so regarding overcome it again. However shy people are subjected to their fear everyday and aren’t able to conquer it. How then can shyness be cured? Psychologists have discovered Cognitive Therapy and Behavioural Therapy to be experiencing a high success rate when found in conjunction with exposure for the fear.

Combining the wallpaper with paint

Various designs of wallpaper gives alternatives to renew and give life to a space of home with little money, but it is not papering the walls. It is best to combine it with paint. This has a motive, drawings and textures too tired to anyone in no time.

But let’s get how to combine the color of the paint design and color of the wallpaper? Here are three ways:

Using the foreground color of the wallpaper
All papers have a background color and foreground color (or color of the drawing), one of these will be the one chosen as the color of the walls. In this case a shade of floral design has been chosen to paint. The white background is included in decorative items.

Use the background color of the wallpaper
Otherwise, to obtain an effect of continuity, and highlight just the picture of the wallpaper for the walls could use the background color. In this case the colors of the drawing would be used in fabrics or decorative accessories.

Use a different color in wallpaper and paint
The result can be astounding, but choose the colors is a bit more complicated. It is best to use for the walls a neutral or natural color, such as off-white, gray, beige, sand, cream and others. Now the wallpaper is to everyone’s taste, but certainly have to include their colors in decorative objects and textiles that decorate and dress the room.

In this case we recommend using a wallpaper more discreet and low contrast between colors.

It is obvious that the colors of paper and paint must coordinate with each other, you can choose common color combinations.